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Our soap bouquets are determined for customers who can appreciate the quality and the gorgeous style.

We use only high-quality materials.

We blew a life into unusual flowers. In our studio, there are created miraculous flowers from love and passion toward beautiful and luxury things. The soap bouquet named Milagros are miraculous. They are made by young created people who are full of enthusiasm and creative energy. Our every product is created with high care and from depth of our hearts.

The small soaps from bouquet are suitable for a direct using. The soap bouquets fulfil the strict regulations because of that they are antiallergic and medical treated. They are produced by Slovak producer from high-quality certified raw materials which contain much content of glycerin and luxury flower fragrance.


There are these colour shades from Slovak producer, you can choose:



We introduce a sample of small bouquets which are combined individually according to your requirements. You can choose the number of flowers, fragrance and layout decoration such as boxes, ceramics and gift packets. These all proposals are displayed after a registration. HERE.


You can find more photographs HERE.


You should register before ordering, please.
If you need a bouquet as a decoration, send us a photo of a place by e-mail, please. It could help us to find an appropriate colour and bouquet´s style.


You can order the bouquet HERE.