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We are a company which has grown from dreams, emotions and miracles.

 We blew a life into unusual flowers. In our studio, there are created miraculous flowers from love and passion toward beautiful and luxury things. The soap bouquet named Milagros are miraculous. They are made by young created people who are full of enthusiasm and creative energy. Our every product is created with high care and from depth of our hearts.

It is our pleasure to offer you an absolute new dimension of a standard present which comes as a bouquet of flowers made from soap in the unique gift packets. They are made from the most quality materials by professionals who use the newest knowledge of floristry and esthetics. Because of that we offer you both an extremely esthetic and durable product. Our soap flowers look like an alive and long lasting elegant decoration without loss of charm in comparison with classic cut flowers.

Our every product is an artistic handmade work which contains a special and individual character. Because of that our soap bouquets are special and universal presents. Our professionals ensure an appropriate composition for any occasions.
Do you want to give more than only live flowers? We are right here for you to create the soap bouquets in luxury packets. We make up for you a great result from really small details.


We use only high-quality materials.


Our soap bouquets are determined for customers who can appreciate the quality and the gorgeous style.


Every day is an occasion for celebration.

The soap bouquets will be produced until 48 hours after a binding order.
We deliver the bouquets into your house by courier within all Europe.


Do not leave your orders at the last minute. Order as soon as possible. HERE


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Every customer obtains a thankful lovely gift after buying a soap bouquet at our studio.srdiecka